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We established neuroXact through our clinical and academic work in DBS. It became apparent that accurate, standardised, and quantifiable methods for appraising DBS lead position were not available. We set about working the field to develop the methods to answer these questions.

  • Transparency

    Our methods are clear, open, and quantifiable.

  • Experienced Team

    Mike & Erlick are highly experienced functional neurosurgeons running one of the biggest academic practices in the UK. We can draw upon the experience of our team of highly skilled neurologists and neuroradiologists when required.

  • Security Guarantee

    Data is fully anonymised and transferred securely according to a clear contract while adhering to all data protection criteria.

Our Team Members

  • Mike Hart

    Founder; Functional Neurosurgeon

  • Erlick Pereira

    Founder; Functional Neurosurgeon